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Cloud-based, predictive technology lets you discover, hire, and credential emergency physicians faster than ever.

Smarter Connections

Smarter Connections

Our intelligent algorithm suggests doctors that match your location and search criteria

Better Recruiting

Better Recruiting

You can target physicians based on where they live and where they want to work

Faster Credential

Faster Credentialing

Credential faster than ever by instantly viewing physician provided documents

Why ERdocFinder?

Intelligent Matching

ERdocFinder puts control of the recruiting process into your hands and into the hands of qualified, job-seeking ER physicians who would be excellent matches for your opportunities.

Location Targeting

You can target physicians within our system based on where they live and where they want to work.This means no more time-wasting pitches to inappropriate doctors.


You also can proactively respond when you see physicians who have checked out the profiles of your hospitals (see below) and clearly expressed an interest in them.

Free Profile

Best of all, there are no up-front or flat fees – it’s always free to claim the hospital(s) you represent and create profiles for them.


You incur modest usage-based charges only when you perform certain functions and a relatively small placement fee when you are successful. (You’ll see the pricing structure during signup.)


After identifying a good prospect for a specific opportunity, you simply request a connection with that individual (see below), and the doctor’s acceptance gives you immediate access to his or her resume.

See how it works in this short video

Using ERdocFinder is Easy

Create your hospital list

Designate an area on the search map to select your client hospitals. From then on, you’ll see all physician activity related to those facilities.

Create hospital profiles

Write compelling profiles for each of your hospitals. The more thorough the descriptions of your opportunities, the more likely they’ll attract good candidates.

Easily Connect With Prospects

Make initial contacts

You’ll have a constantly updated list of job-seeking physicians who live near your hospitals. Reach out by sending them a connection request. When a doctor accepts your request, his or her resume will become available to you.

Target your best prospects

Your site pages will show real-time updates for doctors who:

  • Click to signify that they “like” your hospitals
  • Visit your hospital profiles
  • Express a desire to work near your facilities

These are excellent prospects to send a connection request!

Follow through

Use on-site messaging to communicate with physician candidates until such time they release their resume and credentials. Send these to your client, and your job is finished.

The path to better matches and more efficient
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